David Cosmo was born in 1950. He began piano lessons when he was about 8 years old. A few years later he began playing the trumpet (coronet). This began his life's musical journey playing in the high school band, a church orchestra, jazz groups, drum and bugle corps and independent events. He won several gold medals for a number of solo recitals.
Graduating in 1968 from High school, he entered college playing guitar and studied western classical music in the liberal arts curriculum. Needless to say he was greatly influenced in the 60's by the pioneering rock bands and the psychedelic movement.  
In 1970 he left college and joined the Coast Guard playing 1st trumpet in the marching band.
In 1972 he was in an accident that resulted in spinal cord injury.  Of course this completely changed his life. The result of the event propelled him spiritually and creatively.  
In 1976 he studied western music, art and philosophy at a community college. He began to develop a great passion for East Indian music listening to Ravi Shankar and teaching himself how to play the sitar. He also dove deeply into transcendental meditation, Yoga and East Indian philosophy. 
In 1980 he was called intuitively to tour the South Pacific. While in the Fiji Islands he met his East Indian music teacher, Avinish Sharma, a sitar teacher at the East Indian Cultural Center. Realizing this was divine intervention, he received residency to live in Fiji. He enrolled in the East Indian Cultural Center where he began formal studies in East Indian Classical music. His teacher was in the linage of Ravi Shankar and Nikhil Bannerji. His teacher realized his acceleration in learning because of his passion and devotion and singled him out taking him under his wing for special private lessons. David excelled in 3 months in what usually takes a student 3 years. Hazmat Ali Kahn of All India Radio, the tabla teacher, insisted David learn to play tablas and would not give up until he did. David began playing guitar and sitar in an Indian Orchestra at his teachers request and participated in numerous cultural functions and celebrations.  He was introduced and assumed to be East Indian. 
In 1987 he relocated in Sedona, Arizona and set up the Cosmic Temple recording studio. It was time to expand his gift for composing, recording and teaching music. Since he is a multi-talented, multi-dimensional spiritual being, his music is an integration of many styles and fusions influenced by the Western and Eastern cultures. 
The creative arts are his freedom and liberation, a journey where his spiritual path is parallel to his creativity. 
Because of his spinal cord injury he does not tour or perform in public. He spends time in his studio composing and recording music. His visionary art (visual sound) merges sound, design and science, (Cymatics). Videos of nature and transcendental journeys combine the circle of the multi-media creative arts. 
Love, Light and Peace



David's art and music merge sound, design and science. Everything gives out some kind of data, whether it's sound, smell or vibration. The vibration of a sound is manifested into a design because of the energy of it's wave pressure, visual sound.  Cymatics: the process of making sound waves visible.  Sacred Geometry reveals the cosmic order of the Universe when applied in Quantum Physics, Cosmology and Biology. These designs also work in metaphysical levels helping us to center ourselves in meditation with the visions of creation and life that these designs reveal to us.




The Cosmic Temple begins in the place within each one of us where our hearts and soul-spirits reside. Where God the Creator is the source, the journey within, the microcosm. The journey outside of ones self, the macrocosm, begins here and expands to the body Temple, then to the home Temple, to the Earth Temple and to the Galactic Temple.
All life, all creation, all dimensions and all universes are sacred.
Everything is connected.
Cosmic Temple Creations is an independent music, art and video production endeavor founded in the late 70's by David Cosmo. CTC has been based in Sedona, Arizona since 1987. All attention is given to create and produce the highest quality product possible.
The music creations began with the vision of enhancing health, healing and attunement through the use of tones and vibrations that can affect the experiences of the listener mentally, physically and spiritually. Even on a cellular and molecular level.  Many of the compositions traverse realms from the earthly to the galactic. A celestial quality emanates when spirit and nature dance together resulting in a transcendental and integrating effect. 
The art is created with the realization that music and sound cause a vibration that manifests a design, which is called Cymatics, (visual sound). The Sri Yantra is the ancient mandala manifested from the sound vibration
OM  (AUM). 
The videos combine music vibration and the visual creating a transcendental multi-dimensional experience. 
Love, Light and Peace